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ANSELL 43-216 Heat-resistant welding gloves



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Heat-resistant industrial gloves, fortified for
advanced hand protection in demanding tasks

ANSELL 43-216 Heat-resistant w...


  • Superior dexterity: ActivArmr 43-216 industrial
    gloves possess a three-dimensional thumb design
    that optimizes flexibility, ensuring better overall
  • Enhanced durability and protection: These durable
    work gloves are made from high-quality split
    cowhide leather and feature welted seams,
    reinforced with Kevlar thread to guard against
    heat, flames, sparks and punctures
  • Added protection: ActivArmr 43-216 long-cuff
    gloves provide EN 12477 Type A protection up to
    the forearms, making them ideal for stick and MIG
    welding, as well as torch cutting and grinding
    Elevated comfort: Greater thermal insulation and
    extended comfort are also made possible by
    cotton liners

– Automotive
– Machinery and Equipment
– Metal fabrication
– Automotive Aftermarket
– Oil and gas

– Welding, bonding, riveting
– Metalworking & assembly operations
– Equipment repair & maintenance


L i n e r M a t e r i a l: Split cowhide leather, Cotton, Kevlar
C u f f S t y l e: Gauntlet

Brand: ActivArmr 43-216

Sizes – 9, 10, 11

Length: 370-415 mm; 14.6-16.3 inches

Package: 6 pair/bag; 6 bags/carton

SKU: 43-216